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" Jiu bird faint idea came: "harm is henceforth, we will form a close connection, if you die, I will follow the death, too, I die, you will die. Moreover, with the big kill continued, more and more people behind the attractiveness days of order, reveal fine soul, and it is too big, and most crucially, dust, animal husbandry, God's strength will appear Early soul territory, it was impossible for those who are in the same level, even the slightest stronger deterrent. "With this mandala flower ah! You really think the strength of your soul throughout the beginning of this God can work?" Jiu bird idea came. She nodded. "I know how!" Dust, animal husbandry, and it was the immediate scene scared a little, soon some upset, and he was not any way to control this mandala flowers." Qin Zheng hollow laugh cry, and said: "If I had known this is the case, how would we shot him, and said to all a misunderstanding. "You really deserve it!" Shouted angry dust, animal husbandry, this guy is simply to blame. wholesale nhl jerseys free shipping

This silence lasted a moment, finally has a soul to God apparently did not participate in the initial juvenile habitat Hope Road break, he looked at that black dress girl, cold shouted: "Who are you dare to help this? boy. Want to come in the spirit of the road is also considered a good performance, but apparently he did not met them." Dust, animal husbandry, froze down, smile: "Will not be too hard a point" "You little campy, though you through practice can enhance human life, but unless you practice extremely high level, or to say that the normal death, absolutely you die first. But it is no longer cause any harm, but it is in jiu bird body two days of order they reveal the fine soul, it will be erased. And in between dust, animal husbandry, thinking, his body suddenly heard a muffled explosion, immediately feel a surge of vibration from the body diffusion open. Could not help but sneer mouth even more, said:.

Perhaps in the future, he will surpass the power of jiu bird. wholesale nhl jerseys It quickly became blood red light pattern up. wholesale nhl jerseys from china In that air, Xie Qin government complexion crown and also a little bit stiff, it was apparent that they will recognize the front of this black dress girl gave out this excellent appearance and temperament, though they just met her, but but like carved into the depths of their minds, the root can not be erased. Then he turned to look at some of the people next to find that they are in a strange gaze to stare at him, that look, so too he was covered in a cold sweat. "This blood link to me, if you have the slightest resistance or reluctance, all will cause link failure, and only one chance this link, and if that fails, then we will never again even think about the link. "And you as I would like and you like these ants humans blood connections? Jiu bird has a phoenix of ancient blood, compared to you, I do not know how many noble!" "I do not know how many human beings trying to connect with us to form the blood, but we are a family of jiu bird blood but never make such a degrading thing, this time, if not forced, I would never choose this way!" Jiu bird ideas, and is filled with some of the anger, the kind of pure refining fine human soul, erasing reveal the will obtain their capacity, which is just a very dirty and poor practice, but blood connection, Whether it is from the means or the potential for it.

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