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Could that be with us here not so many enemies?! " "Shut up!" Xie crown shoved in front of the back, Bao Road. "You want to sell?" Dust, animal husbandry, surprised, this is uncommon, jiu bird will actually take the initiative to help him? "Well, I shot nature is to bring the benefits of, well, now you do not say, I do not sell, you are afraid of is not even think to succeed. Los glass glass-like soft dough eye, she could feel the dust, animal husbandry and pay the past two years, a spiritual path favored, sudden expulsion, he wanted to come back after, but also by a lot of pressure on it." Felt such a change, animal husbandry, dust, his eyes also jump, running quietly in vivo spiritual power, always ready. Fang Qi Zhong Chu sighed, all nodded, then three is rapidly grazing, catch up. However, his stature just move, the girl that Weileng voice into his ears, his body suddenly scared stiff, and then not have the slightest move." Grazing dust a little surprised, immediately nodded.

" Black dress girl's voice, and that this time some more fierce murderous, she no longer say, Jiaoqu a move, into a Avision fast if lightning storm swept away toward the northwest. Jiu bird that is in the eyes of the passing touch of dignified color at this time, and soon it eyebrows black light flashing, showing a dark color of blood flying out, in that the blood, as if there were tiny black inflammation in combustion ??? This road Diablo blood, also into the inside of the black pattern, accounting for the other half. nhl jerseys for sale omline " From the spiritual path left that day, he was waiting for the arrival of this day, to this end, he also paid a lot of many. nhl jerseys for sale "Or leave early for the wonderful. She nodded." Xie also clenched teeth crown, hearts full of unwilling, to come forward today that a Los glass, most of them have no chance to regain day order they reveal the mark again, because he knows very well the front of this pretty girl has amazing how much , the ability to Ji Hyun and other lucky that people are forced to injured, not that they are able to compete root. cheap nhl jerseys for sale

" Girl black dress that looked serious fine cheeks, slim teenager stunned, smile a cry, and said: "This guy, people really envy ah I sent point people go with you. In that the rear, the leaf looked ethereal with one man is the soul of God throughout these hundreds of students have even move not daring to move to deter Los glass, glowing eyes is slightly a bit, really worthy of a king Luo ah. Really bird fall Plains crow bully, after waiting for it to recover, it must be nice! "Ice Yuen Ling Yan Jiao and geocentric will fine soul among dragon lizard has been erased, then we work together to refining it, but most of which was owned by my spiritual power, say, you can not bear it enormous spiritual power. It seems that there is some difficult people ah. Gas at home, looking at that bird got jiu mandala flower two fine soul, the eyes of the passing touch of cunning color. In an instant, herd dust and jiu bird body contact between the two are fierce startled, but one person, one bird's eyes are firmly fixed on that black inflammation rotation pattern.

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